Defining My Life Purpose

I believe that we are placed on this Earth to do more than just survive. We are all created for a purpose that goes beyond ourselves. We are designed to create an impact in society. Each of us is given a unique life purpose and it is up to us to accomplish it.

I have always believed this but it took me a long time – and several ups and downs – to finally discover what my life purpose is.

A life purpose is something that excites you and motivates you to get up everyday. It’s the reason why you do the things you do and where you draw the strength when life becomes challenging. For some people, their life purpose is clear from the moment they were born. These are the ones who have an obvious talent that they can later hone into a skill.

I might have been born with certain talents but none of them were definitely honed into a skill. For years, I’ve wondered whether I was to be in a scientific community (I was passionate about science and finished a degree in Biology); or perhaps become a corporate executive (I was great at managing projects and defining strategies); maybe I was born to be a business person (I had talent in sales and an entrepreneurial spirit); or I should have perhaps pursued writing as a career (I simply had a way with words).

Looking back, I realized that the experiences I have accumulated over the years were in preparation of the biggest purpose God has designed for me to do. None of them were random or an accident. They were all intentional circumstances meant to create the person I am now.

The Transition

Today, as a woman entering motherhood and transitioning from my corporate career to a greater “calling”, I knew that I will be facing life’s toughest challenges ahead. Reading posts by fellow moms in various Facebook groups showed me I am not alone in what I am about to face.

However, it also opened me to the reality that many are struggling – often without finding the right answers or help.

The Dilemma

A lot of moms are too busy juggling their day jobs with raising their kids and maintaining an orderly household. With the recent health crisis, a lot of mothers are now working from home. At the same time, they are handling their kids homeschooling. To help add to their income, mothers are also pursuing side businesses or passion projects.

What was a busy life before has become even busier. It’s no surprise that majority of mothers are more stressed than ever.

The Solution

My life purpose is to help mothers – and soon-to-be mothers – enjoy motherhood and entrepreneurship without the usual associated stress, lack of sleep and lack of personal me time.

God has blessed me experiences which taught me skills I know will prepare me for my new role ahead. Yet I recognize that not everyone has been blessed the same way as I do.

And so I’ve decided to turn my experiences into a system. In this system, I will teach work-from-home moms and mompreneurs how to regain control of their time by learning to prioritize the important things in life. I will reveal how I turn my goals into actionable steps and how I am able to balance time between work, business and family.

I am excited to share this system to the world and launch it very soon.

PS: Do you want to learn how to identify your life purpose? Check out these 10 tips from Jack Canfield.

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